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  • Investment Sales Representatives 

  • Suitability Standard

  • Commission-Based

  • Product Sales

  • Potential Client Service Restrictions

  • and Minimum Asset Requirements


  • Independent Advisors/Fiduciaries

  • Full Transparency of All Fee and Charges

  • Advice and Guidance to Augment Suitable Investments

  • Full Advisor Support and Resources

  • Highly Personalized Service With No Restrictions or Minimum Asset Requirements


National Resources

Delivered Locally

We believe Stratos Wealth Advisors offers our clients a clear advantage. By bringing the resources of a national firm to the local level, we enable our advisors to take full advantage of our organizational depth of knowledge, research, talent, and expertise to serve a broader spectrum of client needs. Through innovative thinking, insightful guidance and practical advice your advisor has access to vast resources in developing the custom strategies you seek and the unparalleled service you require.



It’s no secret that sound communication between your most valued advisors fosters an environment for growth and success. It can also result in more proactive and thoughtful decisions. Young American Wealth Management brings depth in organizational intelligence, talent, insight and expertise to the development of financial strategies that seek to advance and protect a lifetime of investment assets.

We support a diverse and varied clientele, from business owners and executives to retirees and individual investors. We embrace this diversity because it allows us to continually enhance our skills and depth of knowledge to meet the vast array of needs our clients present.

One of our key requirements in engaging new clients is that they possess a willingness to remain open-minded and receptive to potential solutions that may be beyond their current scope of consideration. With this caveat, we are able to provide a far greater array of advanced techniques that can deliver a meaningful and distinct outcome to an otherwise challenging circumstance.


Extensive & Profound Advice at the

Core of Every Decision

At Young American WM, our approach is fully aligned with your needs and our viewpoint is extensive, encompassing your financial picture. Our advice will be thorough and extensive in manner. We believe that aligning our interests with yours, in a manner that emphasizes integrity is the key reason our clients and colleagues refer to us as “pure” wealth advisors.


Value Added Services That

Won't Outgrow Your Needs

Young American WM provides a comprehensive suites of services for managing both your personal wealth and business planning needs. No matter what your financial needs may be, we can bring the required resources together to address them.

Our Wealth Management Advisors are well-versed in analytics, asset allocation models and risk management. Your advisor works for you as a full partner and advocate for your success. We offer the following services that seek to help you grow and protect your assets and facilitate their transfer among family members and heirs. We will help you develop clear goals and a concrete plan for pursuing them.

  • Investment Advisory Services

  • Financial and Estate planning strategies 

  • Succession Planning for individuals and businesses

  • Insurance and Risk Management

  • Executive Compensation – Deferred Compensation

  • Tax planning strategies

  • Philanthropic and Charitable Gifting

  • Retirement Planning and Wealth Preservation strategies

Young American Wealth Management does not provide tax and/or legal advice. Clients should consult with their personal tax or legal advisors regarding the tax consequences of investing. 

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